Pontoon Bar


Situated on the water’s edge, enjoy the perfect spot for your perfect function with no booking fee and a great choice of food and spaces to cater to any requirements!

Customers have the option to either run a tab on consumption, or a cash bar.

Tab on consumption allows the customer to run a bar tab at our regular prices, or pick and choose which drinks are allowed to be consumed on the tab. For example, you can choose to have tap beer, house wine and champagne or also include house & back bar spirits depending on your preference.

Cash Bar is the simplest method where customers purchase their own drinks as they go at our regular prices.

Our drinks list is available upon request via email.

If you are interested in possibly booking an event or function at Pontoon Bar or just need more information, feel free to download the Pontoon Bar Functions Booking Form or contact us via our Contact page or by phone at 02 9267 7099 !  We would love to hear from you!